5 Best Travel Mobility Scooters

Travel Mobility Scooters

If travelling with your current mobility scooter or no mobility scooter makes you nervous, we’re here to help. You should be able to enjoy your travelling safely. Whether you want to go on a road trip, or on a plane with your scooter, we have multiple travel mobility scooters for you. Before we jump into our list of the 5 best travel mobility scooters, let’s go over some features that can help you decide between popular styles.

Folding vs Disassembling Travel Mobility Scooters

When talking about travel mobility scooters, we often hear the debate of folding vs disassembling scooters, and which is better. Folding scooters are better for those who experience pain or discomfort in their fingers and hands as you wouldn’t have to fidget disconnecting the pieces. Additionally, folding scooters tend to be a little lighter if you need to lift it into a vehicle. On the other hand, disassembling scooters often have more comfort features, higher weight capacities and better suspension. Based on these aspects, you can choose which type of scooter will fit your lifestyle better.

Consider Where You’re Travelling

Where you plan to use your mobility scooter will help you decide which type from the list below will best suit your needs. If you need to take your scooter on a plane, you must choose a small scooter with lithium-ion batteries. On the other hand, if you plan to do a cross-country road trip, a more comfortable disassembling scooter may be perfect for you as it will have more features and drive range. Now, let’s dive into our 5 best travel mobility scooters.

5 Best Travel Mobility Scooters

1. Go Go Ultra X

The Go-Go Ultra X, in both 3 and 4-wheels, is one of our favourite travel mobility scooters. It has recently been redesigned, offering a sleek and modern design. It also offers a foldable seat made of high-quality black vinyl. With its feather-touch disassembly, users are able to easily disassemble the scooter into 5 more manageable pieces.

Go Go Ultra

The heaviest piece is only 34 pounds. If you are unable to lift heavy objects, but you have enough mobility to snap apart the pieces, this may be the perfect scooter for you. Battery options are the standard 12AH or upgraded 14AH. The top speed is 6.5km/h, 14.2km drive range, and a 300-pound weight capacity.

2. EasyFold Scooter

The EasyFold Scooter is one of our best-selling travel mobility scooters. This scooter comes with a remote control. By clicking a button, the scooter will automatically fold into the size of a carry-on suitcase. When it is folded, it can be pulled behind you with a handle, just like a suitcase can be pulled. Its total weight is 66 pounds, so it can be lifted into the back of a vehicle. It also comes with lithium-ion batteries, so it is safe to take on an airplane or cruise ship.

EasyFold Scooter

Keep in mind that this scooter does not have the best suspension, so it is not well suited for any rocky or bumpy terrain. It offers a top speed of 6.5km/h, a 20 km drive range, and a 275-pound weight capacity.

3. Jazzy Zero Turn 8

The Jazzy Zero Turn 8 is another disassembling scooter by Pride Mobility. This scooter is unique as it offers the stability of a 4-wheel scooter, but a tight turn radius like a 3-wheel scooter. This is perfect for those looking to take their scooter to amusement parks, shopping centers, or even in their own home.

Jazzy Zero Turn 8

A tight turn radius can make travelling easier, as you don’t have to worry as much about bumping into walls or objects. The Jazzy Zero Turn 8 also offers storage under its seat and a USB charger for your phone. This scooter features a 9.5km/h top speed, 20km drive range, and 325-pound weight capacity.

4. Buzz Around EX

The Buzz Around EX offers a number of features that cater to ergonomic comfort. The wraparound tiller can be infinitely adjusted, coming with a delta-steering handle. It also offers a 360-degree swivel seat, which can be perfect if you have a hard time getting out of the scooter in a certain direction. Its 9-inch tires and 4-inch ground clearance are helpful if you are driving across curbs or bumpy areas. It features a unique U1 battery to help it get a long drive range while keeping the scooter light enough to travel with.

Buzz Around EX

It can disassemble into 6 pieces, with the heaviest piece weighing 53 pounds. The Buzz Around EX features an 8.05km/h top speed, 29km drive range and a 330-pound weight capacity. This scooter has the farthest drive range on this list, perfect if you are out all day exploring.

5. Go-Go Endurance Li

The Go-Go Endurance Li by Pride Mobility has a good mix of portability and comfort features. The “Li” in this scooter stands for Lithium-ion batteries, meaning it is safe to take on an airline. This scooter offers the best of both disassembly and travel-friendly features with its batteries.

Pride Endurance Scooter

The Go-Go Endurance Li offers a 6.8km/h top speed, up to 16km drive range, and a 325-pound weight capacity. If you need a little more drive range, this scooter is also compatible with 16Ah MAXX batteries, but they are not airline-approved.

Final Words

This concludes our list of the 5 best travel mobility scooters. If you are not sure if any of these will meet your needs, check out our article What are the Best Scooter Types for Your Needs. If you have any questions about any scooter mentioned on this list, don’t hesitate to reach out and we are happy to help.

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