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5 Tips on Choosing a Manual Wheelchair

Choosing a manual wheelchair depends on various factor like body type, fitness level, and your mobility impairment. Below are the list of 5 tips on choosing a manual wheelchair.

Your Mobility

This is your ability to move around. It includes walking, sitting down and standing up and adjusting or moving your body within the chair. Depending on your level of ability, you will need to consider how you will get in and out of the chair.

Your Tolerance

This is the amount of time you can tolerate doing something, e.g. standing, walking or sitting.

Your Balance

This is your ability to remain steady, when standing, when seated and especially when moving between the two.

Your Posture

This is the position in which you hold your body. When using a wheelchair you need to be able to maintain a comfortable, stable, safe and supported seated position. You may need special cushions or support to provide comfort and help you to maintain your position, especially if your sitting tolerance is very poor.

People living with paralysis are at high risk for pressure sores and therefore usually require special cushions and seating systems to give the skin some relief. There are several basic kinds of cushion material, each with benefits for certain types of users: air, foam or liquid (e.g., gel), a variety that is more dynamic, with moving parts. There is no single product that will do the job for all. The right cushion can provide comfort, correct positioning and prevent pressure sores, but it need not meet all those criteria for every user.

Your body Height and Weight

If you are a very tall or large person you will need to look for a wheelchair that is appropriate and safe for you. Most equipment is designed for a maximum user weight limit so bear this in mind. We provide new wheelchairs which are specifically designed for children, teenagers and adults or all shapes and sizes. Measure and record your height and weight accurately so that you may be directed to a wheelchair that is appropriate for you.  Your limbs and body should be fully supported when in the chair. It is important to have a chair which is balanced and stable to prevent discomfort and pressure areas and to ensure the chair does not break.

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