6 Tips For Softub Outdoor Use in Winter

Softub can be placed on any fairly level surface. Remember that once your Softub is filled, it cannot be moved without emptying, so place it where you want it to remain until the next time you change the water.

Place your locking straps under your tub and connect them to your lid prior to filling with water. Make sure to leave yourself a small amount of excess length.

Please do not shovel snow off your Softub, instead brush it off for use; you do not want to rip your vinyl with the shovel. Snow is a wonderful insulator, so it does not need to be removed from around your tub except for safety reasons.

When you remove the lid from your tub, if you will be resting it on an abrasive surface such as brick, concrete, or stone, it is recommended you put a towel or bath mat between the lid and the surface to protect it from scuffs and scratches.

During particularly windy conditions, it is prudent to use your locking straps to keep your tub lid attached to your tub.

If you are not using your Softub and wish to empty and store it, make sure to bring your tub outside of direct sunlight where the temperature is moderate. Damage can be caused if leaving your Softub exposed to the elements when not filled.

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