Benefits of Owning a Lift Chair

As a person ages, few home health care products become as life-changing as a lift chair. When we speak to our customers, especially those experiencing leg, hip and back pain, they often tell us that one of the hardest movements for them to make is to sit down on a chair and eventually get back up.

The mere act of sitting demands that a person uses their core muscles, hips and legs to complete the movement. That is where a lift chair can be of great assistance.

Below are some of the benefits that you should consider if you are in the market for a lift chair for yourself or for a loved one.


Whether you are looking to read a book, entertain friends, watch TV or knit, the lift recliner is the perfect sitting surface for you to carry out any of those activities.


Lift chairs are made to last.  Ultra-durable fabrics and a robust frame will keep you comfortable and assured of reliability. Lift chairs are designed to be used frequently throughout the day.

A Safe Napping Surface

Their ability to achieve a zero gravity position helps to align your spine, allows you to breathe better and improve your circulation while you rest in a perfectly horizontal position. Individuals who live with respiratory issues, like COPD or other lung conditions, can benefit from sleeping with the backrest in a slightly raised position (another option for those individuals is a home hospital bed).

Beyond their ability to help the person sit and stand, some lift chairs have independently adjustable backrests and footrests. Infinite position chairs allow for a full range of positioning to increase your comfort.  A single button for up or down allows you to easily raise and lower your chair.

If you are looking for a great lift chair at an affordable price, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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