Budget Friendly & Portable

Easily take your scooter on the go with a one of our affordable portable scooters that can be taken apart for transportation.

Air Travel Friendly

Perfect for travelling, whether it be on an airline, cruise ship, or simply a trip to the store with their lightweight lithium ion batteries.

Outdoor Driving Portable Scooters

Compact scooters are important for those who can’t fit a full size scooter in their home and especially their elevator. While also needing something they can comfortably ride across town.

Mid-Size Scooters

With more room and stronger tires, mid-size scooters are great for city sidewalks and shopping trips.

Full Size Scooters

A great full size scooter has a long travel range, great comfort suspension, great acceleration and smart features.

Durable Outdoor Drivers

A growing number of scooter manufacturers have produced models that can tackle tougher turf, and take you safely through paths that the lighter weight mobility scooters cannot navigate.

Fastest Scooters

A great option if you have long drives, or want a little extra speed in your scooter!

Power Wheelchairs

Reliable and sturdy, with a much tighter turning radius!


We offer over 40 mobility scooters from the top 5 providers