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We are proud to offer a complete line of homecare beds at affordable prices. We also offer complete bed packages which include mattress and side rails. All our prices include delivery set up in London and immediate surrounding area.

A Drive Medical Full Electric Hospital Bed offers the greatest convenience for the patient and ease to the caregiver. The easy-to-use hand pendant control provides automatic adjustable bed positioning of the upper body and/or knees, and can be placed anywhere for maximum patient comfort. The pendant control also adjusts electric hospital bed-frame height for efficient use of accessories and for safe and easy transfer.

4 Benefits of a Standard Hospital Bed

Standard hospital bed

Standard Hospital beds are designed to bring comfort and utility in a home setting. We offer both short and long term rentals, as well as sales. Adjustability is the key to comfort with the ability to elevate head and feet, eat meals, read, and watch TV. Below are the 4 benefits of a standard hospital […]