EasyFold Lift: Do All Your Lifting Easily

When it comes to moving around, nothing gives you the comfort and liberty of your wheelchair. Especially when you are bound to it. However, many times people find it very difficult to move their wheelchairs. This is where the EasyFold Lift comes in!

In this age of comfort and luxury, nobody wants to put in a lot of effort, especially when it comes to physical efforts.

So, if you want to take your wheelchair with you on any trip or tour, what are the options available for you?

  1. You can propel it on your own and use a ramp to load it within your vehicle.
  2. Take external help from others and ask them to load it for you.
  3. Go without a wheelchair and cannot be able to enjoy anything.
  4. Cancel your plan of going out.

Or, the best thing that you can do is use the EasyFold Lift and make your life easier!

What is EasyFold Lift?

EasyFold Lift is designed to make the world a better place for people bound to wheelchairs. It ensures to help they to load their wheelchairs at the back of their vehicle. The lift has a platform that weighs less than 24 lbs and possesses the capability of carrying around 110 lbs of product. The product arrives at your disposal as fully-assembled, so you need not put in any extra effort for its assembly. You don’t even need to get any tools to assemble the lift and make it functional.

When you use the lift, you can increase its height to 3 feet. The height is enough for you to fit your wheelchair to even a Sports Utility Vehicle. The lift has all features which you need. It is equipped with wheels which makes it easy for you to guide the lift in any direction. Along with that, the lift can do all the lifting. You don’t need to give your strength here. The wheels make it absolutely Portable Powerchair Lift and a favourite of you all.

Operating the lift is simple, sit back comfortably and use a remote to guide the direction of your wheelchair. You can take your lift from your home to your car without any external support, pressure or even physical force.

Why Use EasyFold Lift?

The lift will work with all wheelchair models of EasyFold. Being power chairs the EasyFold wheelchairs are far more comfortable and independent. It makes you feel liberty and make it a part of your everyday life. Being dependent on others becomes a thing of the past. You can forget all your worries and travel around easily with the right equipment by your side. All you need is to have the proper lift that makes travelling easy.

If you are a person who loves to travel or are interested in going to different places, then carrying and loading your wheelchair into your vehicle might be difficult. It can change the course of your life and improve it for the better. You don’t have to use the ramp, put in your efforts or make amendments to your life according to the restriction in place. You can do whatever you want to and can go wherever you want to go. Also, you have a remote to control it. Use it to take your wheelchair from your home to your car while you just wait and watch it happen. The remote that gives you the guide for the lift, brings out the entire world at your disposal. It helps you to get the comfort and liberty that you always wanted to explore.

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EasyFold Lift

Many people use a ramp to lift their wheelchair and load it into their vehicles. But, that isn’t always the best option. It requires a lot of effort, and you might even have to plead with other persons to help you push the wheelchair. Leave the tension behind and get ready to rule your own world. With the portable and lightweight electric wheelchair from EasyFold and the lift, you can easily have your wheelchair around with you. It is the perfect option for moving around without leaving your mobility back home.

Get Your Lift Now!

Get in touch with the team of EasyFold and grab your lift now. In addition, it gets delivered fully assembled. This means you can start using it right from the moment it’s out of the box. What are you waiting for now? It’s time to ease your mobility and allow your wheelchair to be your travel partner without anybody’s help!

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