Airline approved electric wheelchair!

The EASYFOLD electric wheelchair is airline approved when it is equipped with our 10 Ah capacity battery, that has a 240 Watt Hour rating. That way you can drive yourself all the way up to the open airplane.

Our powerchairs meet FAA, DOT and TSSA regulations for safe travel by air, train, bus and cruise ships. One of the only power wheelchairs you can ride all the way up to the door of the airplane.

Whether you’re flying domestically or abroad, the EASYFOLD can be driven all the way to the airplane for nearly all major airlines. Listed below are most major airlines and a direct link to of the policies for, you can select the airline to view the their policy.

The Best Electric Wheelchairs for Travel

Air Travel Made Easy

EasyFold’s batteries fit inside the frame of the chair. By encasing them in metal, this allows us to meet nearly all airline authority requirements. Allowing you to ride through airports, all the way to the airplane itself.

When it’s time to take off, your EasyFold will be waiting for you at the plane door.

+ Many More!

+ Many More!

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Affordable Electric Wheelchairs & Scooter Designed For You

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The EasyFold Pro 2.0 is sleek, affordable, and can now accommodate users up to 330 lbs!

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Original price was: $3,995.00.Current price is: $2,895.00.

It provides better range since it is so lightweight and compact, ideal for indoor use and lighter terrains. Fully charged the single standard battery can travel 20 kms and when equipped a 2nd battery, 40 kms.