Top 7 Fastest Mobility Scooters in Canada

Fastest Mobility Scooters

Do you love the refreshing feeling of wind blowing through your hair on a sunny day? Anyone out there have the need for speed? Hate the inconvenience of a simple errand taking half your day?

When looking to purchase a new mobility scooter it can be hard to pick from the vast array of options. The good news is we are here to help! If speed is a priority for you, keep reading to find out what the fastest mobility scooters in Canada are.

5. Movo Sutton    

Top Speed 15km/h

The Sutton by Movo drives as good as it looks! It’s 75 amp batteries offer a range of over 50km on a single charge and can hold up to 355 lbs. What makes the Sutton extra special is its advanced suspension system which features central and rear suspension to make sure speed doesn’t come at the cost of a smooth ride. With the Sutton you will not have to choose between aesthetics or functionality, which makes it an excellent place to kick off this list! 

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MOVO Sutton Scooter (4-Wheel)


Featured in Top 7 Fastest Scooters The Sutton model is a large and luxurious model that combines smooth softness and edge performance. It represents luxury and modernity.

Ideal use:
Great outdoor driver

4. Pride Pursuit 2, Invacare Pegasus Pro, Fortress S700

Top Speed 15km/h

Next up are 3 fantastic scooters that all ride at 15km/hr AND can take you at least 55km on a single battery charge! 

The Pursuit 2 by Pride Mobility is a beast of a scooter that is full of all the bells and whistles you expect from a top of the line scooter! With the optional 2 lithium-ion batteries you can expect a travel range of 56km on a single charge. Better yet, these batteries have a 3-year warranty! With its weight capacity of over 400 lbs and 3 colours to pick from, the Pursuit 2 is a crowd favourite. 

Invacare’s Pegasus Pro is the perfect choice for those who value a smooth ride and superior performance in their scooter. The double wishbone suspension and 12″ pneumatic wheels will ensure no matter where you are you have a smooth ride! The ergonomic design of the tiller will encourage better alignment while driving. 

If you are looking for the perfect blend of comfort and speed look no further than the Fortress S700! The S-Series of scooters take seating to the next level with their easy-to-adjust comfort seats. Combine the seat with independent suspension on every wheel and you are set for a smooth ride while you zoom around the neighbourhood! 

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Pride Pursuit 2 (4-Wheel)


Featured in Top 7 Fastest Scooters
Ideal use:
Great outdoor driver

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Invacare Pegasus PRO (4-Wheel)


Featured in Top 7 Fastest Scooters Ideal use: Great outdoor driver – Above average drive quality

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Fortress S700 (4-Wheel)


Featured in Top 7 Fastest Scooters
Ideal use:
Good outdoor driver

3. Pride Baja Wrangler 2

Top Speed 17.7km/h

In 3rd place we have the Pride Baja Wrangler 2 with an impressive top speed of 17.7km/h! With a choice between 2 colours and a full LED lighting package, the Wrangler 2 will have you riding in style. The CTS suspension includes adjustable shocks to provide extra comfort while you zip around town. The limited recline, high back seat is full of features to customize your ride to you while supporting a weight capacity of 450 lbs.

Out on the town? Explore and shop worry free with a storage compartment under the adjustable tiller and easily accessible tie down points! 

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Featured in Top 7 Fastest Scooters
Ideal use:
Great city driver – Everything you want in an outdoor scooter

2. Pride Baja Raptor 2 – 4 Wheel

Top Speed 20.8km/h

In our second place spot is the fastest 4-Wheel scooter in Canada, the Pride Baja Raptor 2 – 4 Wheel! The Raptor 2 allows riders to enjoy fast speeds and advanced safety features, all in one sleek package. This sturdy yet fast outdoor driver can carry a weight capacity of 400 lbs and has a drive range of 34.1km per charge. The roomy captains seat and 3 colour options of red, blue, and black won’t make you choose between comfort and style. The 16″ pneumatic wheels combined with the front and rear suspension system create a ride that is just as smooth as it is fast!

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Pride Baja Raptor 2 (4-Wheel)


Featured in Top 7 Fastest Scooters
Ideal use:
Great city driver – Everything you want in an outdoor scooter

1. Pride Baja Raptor 2 – 3 Wheel

Top Speed 22.4km/h

Our first place winner of the fastest scooter in Canada is the Pride Baja Raptor 2 – 3 Wheel! With a drive range of 49.6km per charge there is no need to pick between speed or distance. Having only 3 wheels means this model has fantastic maneuverability and a turning radius of only 60″! This model is also the lightest on the list at only 212.8 lbs with the batteries removed.

With the Raptor, speed does not mean lack of safety! This model comes with both brake lights in the rear and turning signals and a headlight in the front. The easy-to-read LCD console will provide the rider with any needed information, including speed, mileage, and battery levels.

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Full Size Scooters

Pride Baja Raptor 2 (3-Wheel)


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Featured in Top 7 Fastest Scooters
With the Raptor 3 Wheel, traveling has never been easier! This 3-wheel scooter has everything you need for a safe and convenient trip.  

Final Words

This concludes our list of the top 7 fastest mobility scooters in Canada. Best of all, you can get them all at Mobility 1st! If you have any questions about the fastest mobility scooters in Canada, don’t hesitate to reach out, we are always happy to help.

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    • taylor hamilton says:

      Hi Adrian, Thanks for your question! The Pride Raptor is the fastest scooter that we carry, with a top speed of 14.00 mph / 22.5 kms. We have one Pride Raptor left if you are interested, give us a call at 1-800-429-7728 and it’s yours!

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