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How to maintain your Easyfold wheelchair during Summer

maintain wheelchair during summer

This blog will briefly list a few things you can do to keep your wheelchair running smoothly.

You will often be the first person to recognize when something is wrong. Knowing how to keep your equipment running during the more active summer months is important.

Read the owner’s manual. The information available in the owner’s manual will help you understand the finer points of your chair.

Keep it clean

Wheelchair users often get caught up in the summer fun and forget to clean their wheelchairs from time to time. Try to clean your wheelchair at least once per week and after outdoor events that cause the chair to get dirty. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe down the Easyfold wheelchair. Inspect and clean the wheels and the surrounding areas. Be sure to remove debris, dirt and mud from all areas of the wheelchair. Allowing dirt and grime to build up can make cleaning the wheelchair more difficult later. It could also lead to damage to the wheelchair which will require professional attention.

Beware of Beach Hazards

Avoid using your power wheelchair in the sand. Sand and debris can get caught and stuck in areas of the wheelchair that could prevent it from working properly. Inquire with your local beach for further details regarding wheelchair accessible areas.


It is common to ignore signs of distress when it comes to your wheelchair. If you notice any damage such as issues with the seat, joystick, leg rests, arm rests and back, contact Mobility 1st Ltd.

Plan Ahead

Weather channels are generally accurate and capable of warning the public of pending storms days ahead of time. During the summer use your local weather station as a guide to make plans. Your goal is to avoid contact with rain and thunderstorms as much as possible.

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