Introducing Swift Hot tub at Mobility1st - London, Ontario

Introducing The Swift Hot Tub at Mobility1st

The Swift Hot tub

The Swift Current features:


Enjoy a relaxing massage with your shoulders and neck fully immersed in this ultra-deep, 29-inch portable spa. With a large, 6-foot diameter, the Swift comfortably seats 5 people.


Everyone sitting in the spa will benefit from a soothing massage as 125 air jets cover the entire perimeter of the spa. Our latest Swift Current now comes with lumbar jets for added hydrotherapy.

3-Speed Massage

You now have more control over how much pressure you receive from your air jets. Our upgraded Portable Control Unit now has a 700 watt, 3-speed massage pump.

4-Season Spa

The Swift is insulated with 5-inch thick foam panels that add durability and ensure that you can enjoy your spa year-round – even during harsh winter months. The Swift includes foam caps on the top rail for additional reinforcement.

15-Minute Hassle Free Installation

Quickly and easily setup your Swift in 15-minutes without any additional tools required! Our upgraded Sure-Fit pipe-system makes installation even easier, with larger pipes that ensure a tighter seal and increased water-flow.

Auto-Restart GFCI

The Swift comes with an upgraded, auto-restart GFCI which allows your portable spa to automatically power back on after a power outage.

Extra-Long Cord

The Swift plugs directly into a 110V standard household outlet so no electrician is required. An upgraded, heavy-duty, 15-foot cord allows you to choose your spa’s location without having to worry about being right next to a power outlet.

Microban Filters

Our 15sqft portable spa filters are now embedded with Microban antimicrobial protection. Microban technology prevents the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria and helps to improve the overall performance of your filter.


Our upgraded portable control unit now has an aromatherapy connection port, allowing you to infuse soft, soothing aromatherapy scents into your spa water.

Lockable Cover

Your purchase includes a 6-inch inflatable cover so the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying your spa. Four locking straps and a 5-inch skirt help make this cover efficient and easy to use.

Daily Purge System

The daily purge system helps to prevent condensation build up and increase the lifespan of the portable control unit.

For Special pricing and offers on The Swift, visit us at Home Show 2019 at Agriplex, London between April 12-14 or call us at 519-204-0109.

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