Invacare Scooter Sale August - Mobility1st, London, Ontario

Invacare Scooter Sale – Mobility1st, London Ontario

Invacare Scooter Sale

The Invacare range of mobility scooters from medium, large and bariatric models means you’re bound to find one just for you. Choosing the right electric scooter for you requires careful consideration. A scooter that fits your home and/or lifestyle is essential to the value and positive impact it will have on your independence. You need to think about what kind of journeys you will want to make.

Do you want to be able to use it indoors or will you be hitting the high roads? Is it just for pottering around the shops, restaurants and museums and therefore will you want to take it in the car? Be sure to consider the terrain in which you live, are there hills to climb, high kerbs to mount or rough uneven surfaces ?

See below the Invacare scooter range available at Mobility1st. Click on each scooter model, and discover the mobility scooter that is about to make you a whole lot more mobile. For further assistance, call us at 519-204-0109.

Mobility scooters offer those with limited mobility the independence to go out run errands, meet friends or take the kids to the park without feeling fatigued or being limited by distance.

Invacare Scooter Sale

As part of our Invacare Scooter sale for August at Mobility1st, we are offering $150 off our entire range of Invacare scooters. This offer also includes free delivery in London area.

Invacare scooters offer piece of mind as well as having a focus on safety, auto slow down while cornering, streamlined looks and dependability. Selecting a scooter can be a daunting task so it’s important to take the help of experts, and that’s why we’re here! If you have any question or concerns.

Give us a call Or stop in our location at Mobility 1st, 1161 Florence Street, London Ontario.

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