Most Affordable Mobility Scooters

Affordable Mobility Scooters

Budget is often a concern when looking at mobility scooters. They are an investment for most people, and you hope to keep them around for years. If you are looking for affordable mobility scooters, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to go over our top 5 most affordable mobility scooters that are under $2,050, as well as other tips to keep in mind when looking at affordable mobility scooters.

1. Drive Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel

The Drive Spitfire Scout 4-Wheel Scooter is number one on our list of the most affordable mobility scooters. This scooter features a comfortable height-adjustable seat and tiller, solid tires, and feather-touch disassembly. The Scout can come apart into 5 pieces, the heaviest being 39 pounds, making it easy to transport in your vehicle. It also offers a choice between two batteries, 12Ah for the standard model and 20Ah for the EXT model, for an additional charge. It offers a top speed of 6.8km/h, up to 24km drive range with the EXT batteries, and a 300-pound weight capacity.

2. Shoprider Chameleon 4-Wheel

Next up on our list of affordable mobility scooters is the Shoprider Chameleon 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter. This scooter comes in red, blue, and a champaign beige. It also features disassembly, so you can easily take it into your car. The Shoprider Chameleon is a great indoor driver and comes with a wire basket to help. It has a top speed of 6km/h, a 14km drive range, and a 250-pound weight capacity.

3. Pride Go-Go iCruise

The Pride Go-Go iCruise is an extremely lightweight and minimal scooter. One of its standout features is the variety of colours it can come in, lime green, mango orange, arctic ice blue, blackberry black, and raspberry pink. This 3-wheel scooter is cute and good for short distances, but not recommended for long-distance and heavy use. In addition, it’s not the best outdoor driver as it can be unstable on rough terrain. It is recommended for indoor use, like shopping malls. The Pride Go-Go iCruise features a top speed of 6km/h, a drive range of 20km, and a 250-pound weight capacity.

4. Pride Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel

The Go-Go Ultra X by Pride Mobility is one of the nicest looking affordable mobility scooters. In 2022, this scooter went through a makeover, giving it a sleek and modern design with a breathable mesh seat. This scooter has two battery options, the standard 12Ah and the upgraded 14Ah for an additional cost. The Go-Go Ultra X is also a disassembling scooter, with the heaviest piece weighing just 29 pounds. It offers a top speed of 6.9km/h, 12.8km drive range, and a 300-pound weight capacity. We also offer this scooter as a 4-wheel, but it is a little more expensive due to the added materials.

5. Pride Go-Go Sport 4-Wheel

The Pride Go-Go Sport is another scooter with feather-touch disassembly. It also has interchangeable colour shrouds if you ever want to change up your look. Comfort features include a vinyl swivel 17″ seat and ergonomic delta tiller. The Pride Go-Go Sport offers a top speed of 7.5km/h, 19.3km drive range, and 325-pound weight capacity. This is the highest weight capacity that we have on this list.

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Things to Keep in Mind When You Look at Affordable Mobility Scooters

While affordable mobility scooters may be the perfect option for some, they may not be for all. As you can see from the images above, many of these scooters are small in stature. So, while they are great indoor and sidewalk drivers, you might not be able to take them on grass, over bumps or uneven terrain. If you want a scooter that can handle a little more, you should take a look at mid-sized mobility scooters. Another thing to keep in mind is that most affordable mobility scooters have relatively low weight capacities, which of course will not fit everyone’s needs.

Other Financial Options You May Have

If you have needs and wants that are not met by any of the scooters mentioned on this list, then you may be better off going for a scooter that is a little more expensive. If you find a scooter that is outside of your budget, we do offer financing through Affirm. This allows you to have smaller monthly payments, which may help you get the scooter that you have your eye on.

On the other hand, you can work with your own insurance company like Canada Lift, Green Shield, or Manulife for coverage. Keep in mind that not everyone will qualify, but we are more than happy to send a quote. Learn more about insurance coverage here.

Final Words

These are our favourite mobility scooters that are under $2,050. Purchasing a mobility scooter is an investment for anyone, so it’s essential that you get exactly what you’re looking for so you’ll be happy. If you need any advice on choosing a mobility scooter, do not hesitate to reach out to Scooter Country Canada!

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