Powerchair Or Traditional Wheelchair- Which Is The Best Mobility Solution For You?

Powerchair Or Traditional Wheelchair- Which Is The Best Mobility Solution For You?

Wheelchairs have proven their worth in the market already. It has given them hope to the people with mobility issues that they can move again, easily. The traditional wheelchairs have a seating surface with wheels. It allows people with mobility concerns to explore the experience of moving around easily. But, choosing between a powerchair or traditional wheelchair is difficult.

The traditional wheelchairs are large and bulky. The modern era has increased the demand of people to have a wheelchair that is portable and lightweight. Hence, the wheelchair manufacturers came up with the idea of power wheelchairs.

These are electric wheelchairs and are lightweight, portable, easy to carry and easy to use. Being equipped with a variety of options and several features for the users to experience, these wheelchairs have transformed the overall usage and popularity of wheelchairs.

In the current market, traditional wheelchairs, also known as manual wheelchairs, are usually in hospitals and nursing homes. And power wheelchairs, also known as powerchairs have made their way to people’s homes.

Many people have opted for both traditional and electric wheelchairs. They use electric wheelchairs for their everyday mobility and have the traditional wheelchairs stored with them, just in case, they need them.

If you or your loved ones need a wheelchair and are considering buying one, then here is our complete guide on whether you should opt for traditional wheelchairs or powerchairs.

Why Choose a Manual Wheelchair?

Humans propel a manual wheelchair. It is thought to be the best mobility option for individuals. It is a pocket-friendly option for them. The best feature of this wheelchair is that it needs fewer repairs. Most people with fewer physical injuries prefer to use a manual wheelchair. They are simple and straightforward to use and there are no complications related to them, hence highly preferred.

A manual wheelchair requires the user to push it on their own or take the assistance of others. Propelling a wheelchair needs some extra strength and it can be only done by people who have the strength to move it independently. The ways through which the individuals can propel the wheelchair on their own differ, according to the requirement.

Individuals with spinal cord injury can use the upper extremities of the wheelchair, while individuals who cannot even walk with a cane, use the lower extremities. The help of assistance becomes mandatory when the individuals cannot do it on their own.

Why Choose a Power Wheelchair?

A power wheelchair is available in a variety of styles and it possesses excellent features for the users. It can be customizable, to meet the demands of the users. These wheelchairs perform excellently in different scenarios and on any terrain. It is helpful for people with pain and mobility issues.

The best part of this LIGHTWEIGHT Electric Wheelchair is that the users need little or no strength or stamina to move from one place to another. Just a click or push on a button helps people to cover the distance that they want to. With its tilting and reclining options, it provides more comfort and delivers greater pressure relief.

The size and weight of this wheelchair are compact and lightweight. The electric mobility wheelchairs need charging to get the power that can propel the users. It is reliable and can come to a full stop whenever required. The chances of accidental rolling remain high with manual wheelchairs but can be certainly avoided with a power wheelchair.

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Features You Should Look for in Your Wheelchair

You ought to consider every single point or feature of your wheelchair to make your decision of selecting between manual and electric wheelchairs. Let us discuss the features that will help you maintain a balance in your life and will give you perfect mobility.


One of the main features that people generally should look for in their wheelchair is whether it is lightweight or not. If the weight is heavy the problem, then several problems crop up. It becomes difficult to move around or even turn in the direction of the wheelchair. The dependency on others becomes prominent in this regard.


Portability is what makes wheelchairs high in demand. It should be easy and convenient to take your mobility solution along with you, no matter where you go. Compare both the products and check which product provides you with the portability that they offer. The more portable, the wheelchairs are, the better experience you can have.


The features of your wheelchair should always support a better and improved lifestyle for you. It should allow you to move as per your wish and be comfortable too. It should help you to move out and enhance your social life. The powerchairs allow you to move out without anyone’s help and roam in the neighbourhood. You can even go to the nearby shopping area without any assistance.

User-friendly operation

When it comes to experiencing user-friendly operations, the manual wheelchairs get a back seat and the powerchair holds the steering. It has got all the functionalities and features that make the operations smooth and excellent. For manual wheelchairs, you need external support to move up or down the stairs or change your direction. But with power wheelchairs, you can easily roam around and have control of your movement in your hands.


One of the most interesting features that you should consider in your wheelchair is the independence that it provides you. Which of the products- manual or electric wheelchair- gives you the ability to move freely? The decision can be based on your previous experience or the experience of your loved ones. Read the reviews and check out the experiences of others. It will help you to gauge the intensity of independence that you receive. Choose the one, in this regard, the best-selling powerchair, to experience the liberty of freedom.

Power Wheelchair Is Winning Over

When we compare the powerchair or traditional wheelchair, the powerchair has won in many ways. It is equipped with all kinds of features and characteristics that make it excellently suitable for users. It has come up as the ideal mobility solution for people who are facing mobility issues. The EasyFold Electric Wheelchair has many features that guarantee you to experience a smooth lifestyle and carry on with your daily activities without any interruption or external help. It gives you the liberty to move around without any concern. Get yourself a better and improved travel experience and cover up your physical inability. It helps your human mobility and also helps your overall health and confidence, and even uplifts your mood. If you have any questions about comparing a powerchair or traditional wheelchair, please let us know!

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