Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Designed to accommodate individuals with higher weight capacities or those who require additional durability and support.

They are constructed with reinforced frames and components to ensure stability and safety for users with heavier weights. These wheelchairs are often equipped with wider seats and stronger frames to provide comfort and support for individuals with larger body sizes.

Heavy Duty/High Weight Capacity Wheelchairs

Drive Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair

From $820.00


The Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair from Drive Medical boasts a 500 pound weight capacity, made possible through the use of reinforced steel gussets, heavy gauge reinforced naugahyde upholstery, reinforced side frame, caster journals, and dual cross bars. The stylish triple coated chrome frame, made of carbon steel, adds a touch of elegance to this bariatric wheelchair. This Sentra Extra Heavy Duty Wheelchair comes with detachable desk arms, swing away foot rests, and a 22" wide seat.

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