EasyFold Lift


EasyFold Portable Lift is designed for those who need a helping hand to lift their EasyFold to the back of a vehicle. The new portable lift platform is designed to do all the lifting for you.

  • Weighs only 24 lbs
  • Works with all EasyFold models
  • Lifts to a height of 3ft and max capacity of 110 lbs
  • Battery included



With your new EasyFold Wheelchair, you now have the mobility and tools to see the world around you. While you are enjoying your travels, you might get thirsty along the way! No problem…we have the perfect travel companion for the side of your chair. Our new custom designed Cup Holder, built exclusively to fit the design of your EasyFold Wheelchair. The cup holder will hold any beverage of your choice, from water bottles, to your Timmies drink. Add one to your order today! (does not include water bottle)


Power Wheelchair Accessories

Cane Clip


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The Cane Clips attach to your armrest, keeping your cane right beside you where you need it most
  • Compatible: All Pride Scooters

* Free Shipping for purchases over $200



This detachable, collapsible metal basket offers extra storage on the back of your portable electric power chair. This basket is made of highly durable steel and is fully weather-proof. Dimensions: 14"x 8"x 9" * Caution: The spring is loaded, so be careful of the basket when unfolding.



The redesigned and re-imagined Ethafoam cushion brings a more streamlined design, better materials and simplistic ordering process.

  • Size: 18″L x 18″W x 3″H



Travel Bag


The Travel Protect Bag is designed to make any travel experience to and from your destination as hassle-free as possible! Compatible for either the Elite or Standard model EasyFold.



  • Half-finger wheelchair gloves
  • Lightweight, cotton mesh backing
  • Keep cool wearing these gloves
  • Sold in pairs
  • Latex free



LED Light


This LED light is delivered in pairs.

This Electric Powerchair Small LED light is ideal for those who occasionally find themselves riding in the dark. The light is rechargeable and it's a must have!  This LED light tightly sticks to your EasyFold Chair in various positions to act as a taillight, including at the back. It Features 3 settings, slow blink, faster blink, and regular light. The Size is 6cm x 6cm (small).



The Nexus Cane Holder accessory makes it easier to hold your cane or umbrella while using your EasyFold powerchair. Easy to assemble, it holds most standard 1″ tubes.

  • Holds canes or umbrellas
  • Quick installation
  • No tools required