Knee Walkers

Innovative mobility aids that provide individuals with an alternative to traditional crutches or walkers when recovering from foot or ankle injuries or surgeries.

Also known as knee scooters, these devices feature a comfortable padded platform to support the knee and allow individuals to propel themselves forward using their uninjured leg. Knee walkers offer greater mobility and ease of use compared to traditional aids, allowing individuals to maintain an active lifestyle during their recovery period.

Mobility 1st understands the benefits of knee walkers in promoting mobility and assisting individuals in their rehabilitation journey.

We offer a range of high-quality knee walkers designed with adjustable features, sturdy frames, and comfortable knee pads. Our knee walkers are lightweight yet durable, providing individuals with the stability and support they need. Our knowledgeable staff assists individuals in selecting the appropriate knee walker based on their specific needs and provides guidance on proper usage.

By offering these assistive devices, Mobility 1st helps individuals regain their mobility, independence, and confidence as they recover from foot or ankle injuries or surgeries.

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