EXP PRO 30 Watt Solar Panel (Monocrystalline)


The EXP PRO 30 Watt Solar panel is designed to be a genuinely portable charging solution for the EXP48PRO and EXP96PRO Battery line. It is soft and foldable, allowing easy portability for your adventures. The panel will provide up to 18V @ 1.5A. It is ideally suited for outdoor life and the unexpected power outage.

  • Open the solar panel and place it on a clean, dry, and flat surface in direct sunlight.
  • Plug the solar charge cord into the Type-C Input/Output port on the battery using the included USB-C to 2.1mm adapter.
  • Charging will begin automatically.
  • Expect longer charge times using the solar panel compared to the AC or DC charge cords as sun conditions will vary greatly.

The EXP PRO 30 Watt Solar Panel will work with the full line of EXP PRO Batteries including the EXP48PRO and the EXP96PRO

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