Our customers require medical equipment for varying lengths of time, depending on their recovery process. We offer short-term and long-term rentals at an affordable price

Whether you need us for a short or longer duration, we will always be here to coach you through the process, providing you the knowledge that is needed to make the right mobility decision.

We’ll ensure that you get the same quality products we sell in our stores. They are all maintained by our factory trained technicians to ensure dependable performance and completely cleaned to protect your health. Lets help you get on your way.

rental equipment

While not all-inclusive, here is a list of rental equipment available:

  • Scooter Small
  • Scooter Midsize
  • Manual Wheelchair
  • Manual Wheelchair W/Seating
  • Tilt Wheelchair
  • Crutches
  • Full Electric Bed with half rails and Standard Mattress*
  • Bath Seat
  • Commode
  • Transfer Bench
  • Transport Chair
  • Rollator
  • Full Electric Bed with half rails and Air Mattress*
  • Full Electric Patient Lift*
  • Sling for Patient Lift
  • Folding Walker
  • Knee Walker/Scooter
  • Others


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