Does climbing stairs feel like climbing up a mountain? Then the UP-stairlift will offer you a solution!

If your arms are too short to read the newspaper, you buy glasses. If you get walking issues, you buy a walking stick. And if you have trouble climbing the stairs? Then you need a stairlift. The UP stairlift from DeVi-Stairlifts has everything you’re looking for.
UP offers a possibility for both renting and buying a stairlift. Choose the option that suits your situation best and we will get in touch with you.
The UP stairlift fits any stair wider than 65 cm. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. We nearly always find a suitable solution.

Why UP Stairlifts?

  • Modular rail
  • Modern design for every interior
  • Standard powered options
  • Fully repositionable
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Made with Recycled Material

Revolutionary Design


Thanks to the modular rail and our patented curved rail design, it is possible to perform quick installations and adjustments. The entire UP Stairlift can be installed within just 4 hours and importantly with no additional or custom factory parts.


UP Stairlift goes above industry standard features and offers the intercom, the automatic turning (swivel), and automatic footrest folding as standard. With UP Stairlift you also get a stylish chair, designed by Richmond.


UP Stairlift gives you peace of mind and security, as each stairlift will report operation and any maintenance statuses via the integrated WiFi connection. This also allows most difficulties to be solved remotely, by Mobility123. In addition, a technician is able to use this information to prepare and plan their maintenance routes.


Thanks to the modular rail design the UP Stairlift is suitable for both straight and curved staircases. With the placement on a curved stair, it is both possible to position the stairlift on the inside or outside inside your home.