Top 5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Power Wheelchair

It is important to think carefully when buying mobility devices to ensure you are buying the best power wheelchair for your own needs and it’s no secret that each person has very distinct needs. Power wheelchairs can differ in many aspects which could impact your overall accessibility and satisfaction. Listed below are some questions you should ask yourself before walking into any store or shopping online for a wheelchair.  A little introspection here will go a long way in finding the right wheelchair for you.

  • Where will the wheelchair most often be used?
  • How much time will actually be spent in the wheelchair?
  • What features are important to me?
  • How will I transport the wheelchair?
  • What types of surfaces are on my property?
  • What’s my budget? Will I need financing?

Now let’s get to that top five list!

1. Terrain

It is important to consider the terrain of your home and other frequently visited locations before making a decision. Some customers may use wheelchairs only when they visit a local grocery store or other places in the community. For this very reason, variances in the wheels and different comfort options may help to point you in the right direction for your mobility needs. Other key factors to consider are: how frequently do you use sidewalks or roadways? Do you live in a rural environment? It’s your job to act like a secret service agent and figure out a route for the president (that’s you!). Then, you should find any possible obstacles in that route. Nobody knows your surrounding area better than you.

2. Storage

It is essential to think this part through, before buying a wheelchair, as some can be bulky and occupy a lot of storage. Most of the powerchairs are very rigid which means they don’t fold.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Power Wheelchair

A folding power wheelchair will be easier to fit in the trunk of a car and occupies only a small amount of space at home. Plus it can travel with you on an airplane! Buy a wheelchair that suits your transport and storage needs.

3. Battery

The longevity of the battery is very important if you’re going to be using your power wheelchair a lot. Many factors can influence the battery range, for example, the weight of the wheelchair user, the age of the batteries, and the type of terrain being travelled. The battery range can vary greatly between models allowing anywhere between 10 and 25 miles on a single charge. Few wheelchairs have the option of adding additional batteries which will you give extra mileage and go up to 40 miles on a single charge.

4. Budget

Of course, budget is the first and foremost important thing in any purchase. Considering your funding options if necessary. You can cover some, or all, of the wheelchair cost based on the approval from a third-party financing company associated with the wheelchair provider. Power wheelchairs can range from $1,500 to over $10,000 for a fully-loaded and luxury chair. It’s also important to understand if any sort of government funding is available.

5. Weight Capacity

All wheelchairs have weight constraints and can only support a certain weight. Most basic wheelchairs can accommodate up to 300 pounds and heavy-duty power wheelchairs can accommodate users of greater size and weight. Some wheelchairs carry a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds. It is important to choose wheelchairs based on your weight. This is because the weight capacity affects the speed and battery life.

Closing Statements

Selecting a wheelchair can be a daunting task so it’s important to take the help of experts, and that’s why we’re here! If you have any questions or concerns about whether EasyFold meets your needs, lifestyle or budget. Give us a call, toll-free at 1-855-444-8488 Or stop by our location at Mobility 1st, 1161 Florence Street, London Ontario. London can be far for some, but that’s why we offer FREE SHIPPING and a 30-DAY RETURN POLICY to give you a chance to get to know EasyFold firsthand.

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