Top 8 Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Outdoor mobility scooters are a great option for those looking to get around outside without worrying about damaging their scooter. They can enable you to travel long distances while maintaining a comfortable and smooth ride. Whether you live on a farm, enjoy gardening, or simply want to get some fresh air. Before we jump right into the top 8 outdoor mobility scooters, let’s go over what makes a mobility scooter safe to use outside.

What Makes a Mobility Scooter Safe to Use Outside?

Not every scooter is made equally. As a result, not every scooter will be ideal for outdoor use. If outdoor usability is important to you, here are a few key features that you should consider when looking into outdoor mobility scooters. First, is high ground clearance. This will allow you to go over bumps without hitting the bottom of the scooter. Large wheels with a strong suspension can also ensure that your ride is as comfortable as possible. Finally, a long drive range is important. Steep inclines, bumps, speed, and other aspects of rough terrain can all decrease your drive range. Keep in mind that some mobility scooters may be water resistant, but none are waterproof so it’s best to avoid water if you can.

1. Pride Baja Wrangler

The Pride Baja Wrangler easily comes in at number one on our list of the top outdoor mobility scooters. This scooter has recently been redesigned and improved, with unmatched features and outdoor durability. This scooter features a 350 lb weight capacity, 17.7km/hour top speed, and a 46 km drive range. Pride Mobility proclaims that this scooter is a trusty trail navigator and faithful ranch hand. It features impressive suspension and air large tires to ensure even the bumpiest rides are comfortable.

2. Shoprider Eclipse Bigfoot

The Eclipse Bigfoot comes in both 3 and 4-wheel options, but we recommend 4-wheels if you are planning to use it on rough terrain for increased stability. Shoprider proclaims that this scooter allows its users to experience the outdoors with rich design, style, performance, and comfort features. It offers front and rear suspension, a full light package, and an LCD dashboard. It offers a 400 lb weight capacity, a 15km/hour top speed, and a 50km drive range.

3. Pride Pursuit XL

The Pride Pursuit XL is a rugged and heavy-duty scooter with great comfort and safety features. It boasts 13” low-profile tires, a large reclining seat, and a full light package. It also has a 5.24” ground clearance, making it one of the best outdoor mobility scooters. The Pride Pursuit XL offers a 12km/hour top speed, a driving range of 35.2km, and a 400lb weight capacity.

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4. Pride Victory LX

The Pride Victory LX offers Comfort-Tract Suspension (CTS), which offers added stability for bump rides. It can be disassembled for easier transportation or storage. The Pride Victory LX has a 9.0 km/hour top speed, a drive range of 25.7km, and a 400lb weight capacity. If you are planning on doing a lot of driving in the dark, the Pride Victory LX offers a full LED lighting package and under-tiller puddle light to improve visibility. 

5. Shoprider Eclipse Trailblazer

The Shoprider Eclipse boasts air-filled pneumatic tires, a high back captain seat, hazard lights, and an ergonomically designed steering tiller. It offers a 12 km/hour top speed, 40km drive range, and a 350 lb weight capacity. The Shoprider Eclipse Trailblazer comes in the regular version or the special edition version that is equipped with larger tires and slightly higher stats. 

6. Eclipse Trailmaster Yeti

The Eclipse Trailmaster Yeti offers a modern design, style and performance. The Yeti is a mid-size scooter, so it is smaller than a number of other full-sized scooters mentioned on this list. This means that it can fit indoors a little easier. This sleek and stylish 4-wheel scooter offers rear mono shock suspension, so it will be more than enough for most people, but it may not absorb as much shock as scooters like the Wrangler. The top speed is 10km/h, a drive distance of 28km and a 300 lb weight capacity.

7. Fortress S700

Next up, we have another mid-sized scooter, the Fortress S700. While Fortress only offers a few scooters, they are very well-made and user-friendly. The Fortress S700 comes with an extra-large front basket, two carbon effect mirrors, advanced lighting, and comfortable seating. For a mid-sized scooter, the Fortress S700 offers superior outdoor performance. The top speed is 15km/h, a driving range of 55km and a 350 lb weight capacity.

8. Pride Revo

Last but certainly not least is the Pride Revo 2.0. The Pride Revo is the best in class for its size. If you need a small yet mighty outdoor mobility scooter, this may be your best bet. It offers CTS suspension, under-seat storage, and a front headlight. One of the most enticing features of the Pride Revo is the feather-touch disassembly that makes it easy to fit in the back of your car or store out of the way. This scooter is also the most affordable outdoor mobility scooter on this list. It offers an 8.0km/h top speed, 20.9km drive range and a 400lb weight capacity. The Pride Revo is made in both 3 and 4-wheel styles, but if you are looking for an outdoor scooter, the 4-wheel will offer you more stability and safety.

Final Words

As you can see, Shoprider and Pride both dominate our list of the best outdoor mobility scooters on the market. Hands down the Baja Wrangler 2 is at the top of our list of outdoor mobility scooters, but every scooter on this list can handle rougher terrains. If you have any questions about outdoor mobility scooters we are happy to help.

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