Vertical Platform Lifts: All You Need to Know and How They Can Help You for Your Home or Business

Vertical platform lifts (VPLs) are a type of wheelchair lift that can be installed indoors or outdoors to provide access to different levels of a building or home. They are also known as porch lifts because they are often used to lift a wheelchair user from the ground level to the porch or entrance of a house.

VPLs are different from stairlifts, which are designed to carry a person seated on a chair along a rail attached to the stairs. VPLs lift the entire wheelchair and its occupant vertically, without requiring them to transfer to another seat. VPLs can also accommodate other mobility devices, such as scooters, walkers, or rollators.

VPLs are ideal for situations where there is not enough space or slope for a ramp or where a ramp would be too long or steep. They can also be used to access decks, balconies, basements, or upper floors of a building. VPLs can be customized to fit different heights, widths, and configurations, depending on the needs and preferences of the user.

VPLs are easy to operate and maintain. They usually have a simple control panel with buttons or switches that allow users to raise or lower the platform. Some models also have remote controls or wireless keypads for added convenience. VPLs have safety features such as sensors, alarms, emergency stop buttons, and anti-slip surfaces to prevent accidents and injuries.

VPLs can improve the quality of life and independence of wheelchair users and other people with limited mobility. They can help them access their homes and buildings more easily and comfortably without relying on others for assistance. VPLs can also increase the value and attractiveness of a property as they make it more accessible and inclusive for potential buyers or visitors.

If you are interested in installing a vertical platform lift in your home or building, contact Mobility 1st today.

Mobility 1st is the largest home medical supplier in southwestern Ontario, and we have the expertise and experience to help you find the best solution for your needs. We offer a wide range of VPLs from reputable brands, and we can customize them to suit your space and budget. We also provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for your convenience and peace of mind.

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