Drive Replacement Cane Tip, 3/4″ Diameter



Long-term use can wear out the tip of your cane, making it unsafe to use. Bring new life to your cane with a replacement cane tip from Drive Medical. These universal rubber cane tips fit any 3/4 inch diameter cane perfectly and are compatible with Drive Medical’s 10302, 10303, 10304, 10306, 10307, 10309, 10317, 10331, 10335, 10339, 10342, 10345, 10347, 10350, 10351, 10370, 10372, 10381 series. This rubber cane ferrule installs easily and provides a strong grip while also protecting floor surfaces from damage from the cane. Includes one of black rubber cane tip with a 3/4 inch/1.9 centimeter diameter.

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    Drive Replacement Cane Tip, 3/4″ Diameter

    Available on backorder