5 Tips on Choosing a Walker

Choosing a walker can be difficult and time consuming process. The type of walker you choose will depend on your needs.

Here is our top 5 tips on choosing the right walker for you

Type of Walker

A standard walker with no wheels will offer the most support and stability. It should mainly be used indoors or for short distances because the walking pace is slowed down significantly and lifting the walker repeatedly may get tiring.Two-wheel walkers offer less support and stability than standard walkers, but they are still quite effective and more stable than rollators.

Walkers primary use

It is important to pick one based where you will use your walker.  Each walker has strengths based on intended use, but not all are suitable for every situation.  For instance a walker with no wheels is not practical for long distance use, or for those requiring the ability to sit down periodically.  A 2 wheeled walker is ideal for those that need an extra lightweight option that can be folded easily.  A 4 wheel walker has both indoor only and indoor/outdoor options.  A 4 wheel indoor walker is ideal for those that will not be using their walker outdoors.  It has smaller wheels are and typically lighter and more agile in living quarters, while being a ready seat when needed. The 4 wheel walker for indoor and outdoor use come with larger wheels which is ideal for varied terrains.They give you all the features you require and the mobility to use this while maintaining an active on-the-go lifestyle.

Fit of the Walker

Before you purchase a walker, it is important to ensure that it can accommodate your height and weight. To do this, you need to be measured properly. Make sure the walker will be able to support your weight by checking the listed weight capacity.  Making a trip to Mobility 1st will allow you to be measured and matched to the walker that best meets your needs.


Having the right grips for your hands will make a big difference in how comfortable the walker will be for you to use.  Our walkers have a range of foam, to gel style handle grips.

Portability and storage

If you live in a small home or travel in a car regularly, it is advisable to pick a walker that folds easily. Ensure that when you unfold the walker, the locks engage to keep the walker in the open position.

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