Why Should You Use an Electric Powerchair?

The motorized wheelchair or electric powerchair has gained a stronghold in the market, thanks to its exclusive functionalities and features. The market is flooded with some extraordinary power chairs. It is developed to meet the needs and demands of the users. Different people have different needs through their wheelchairs.

The folding wheelchair is more foldable and lightweight than the traditional and manual wheelchairs. Meeting the needs of the users, these wheelchairs enable you to travel the world without feeling restricted.

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It is durable for everyday use and is light, which makes it easy for you to accompany it. Considering the difficulties that users face in using their traditional wheelchairs, companies have come up with the powerchair. It is equipped with mobile technologies that guarantee additional sets of wheels that provide extraordinary stability.

Best-Selling Powerchair

Enabling people to move around seamlessly, the best-selling powerchair is an ideal mobility solution. One of the most significant developments that the powerchairs are designed with, is their ability to change the location of the driving wheels. It has undergone tremendous changes in its design and development, along with its features. The wheelchair provides comfort to the users and ensures providing an active brake by providing a voltage that stops the motor when required.

Users need a lightweight product, which provides mobility independence in a sleek and affordable way. Their need for a lightweight mobility solution has developed as people are looking for an excellent travel partner for all.

Additionally, along with an excellent mobility solution, the powerchair is also known for its excellent and easy foldable technology. As you can see, the concept is brilliant. You can just sit and click the key fob button to fold or unfold the wheelchair. It is an effective solution that guarantees portability and is affordable.

Finally, as you can see, the electric powerchair makes you an ideal companion for your everyday mobility and even distant travel.

Light in Weight, Brilliant in Style

Keeping the demands and needs of the users, the EasyFold Pro 2.0 has emerged as the most powerful and strongest model. This chair is practically effortless for the users. Plus, it has all new features and functions, which ensure that you can quickly and easily move around in comfort and style.

In addition, with an overall weight of 59 lbs, the wheelchair is easy-to-carry, quick and hassle-free. It enables you to take it everywhere with you. Its lightweight feature makes it your brilliant companion wherever you go. You can travel in style and with ease with this excellently designed wheelchair.

What Makes it Portable?

These electric powerchairs are built of a durable lightweight aluminum alloy. It has front and rear wheels that ensure the smooth movement of the wheelchair. It’s a brilliant solution for almost anyone.

The EasyFold Pro 2.0 is lightweight and which makes it compact when folded. When folded, the dimension of the wheelchair rounds up to 38″L 25.5″W 37″H, which makes it easy to travel with. The compact electric powerchairs take the shape of a suitcase when folded. Plus, it can fit easily inside the trunk of your car, or you can even store it in the smallest closet area or storage space in your house.

Being foldable and portable, the wheelchair takes the space of a storage bag, but it is excellent for you to take with you on any of your travel expeditions. It is safe for travel by bus, rail, air and cruise ships. It meets the FAA, DOT and TSSA regulations, which makes the wheelchair travel-friendly.

With the best solution at your disposal, you can ride with confidence. Additionally, the lighter the wheelchair, the easier it is for the users to propel it or even lift it into their car. Being portable enables you to experience stress-free transportation.

Why Should You Use a Lightweight Electric Powerchair?

Consider your lifestyle, and wonder how often you ought to transport your wheelchair or need it to take it with you to travel. If you truly want to be independent, you need this lightweight powerchair. It gives you the liberty to lift the wheelchair on your own and pack it at the back of your car without anybody else’s help. You can do it on your own.

Using the lightweight electric wheelchair for moving and lifting makes it just ideal for your travel. The best part of this wheelchair is that it is affordable and within your budget. Being super-efficient and elegantly designed, it enables you to travel in style and leave no stone unturned in making a statement, wherever you go.

Another important reason for you to use the lightweight powerchair is its wonderful and user-friendly operations. You can adjust the powered joystick to any side that you prefer and control the movement of the wheelchair on your own.

Easyfold portable & foldable powerchair

The liberty is in your hands. Control your ride and move around without being dependent on any of your family members, friends or even your caretakers. In addition, manoeuvring has never been as easy for wheelchair-bound people as it has become with the elegant electric wheelchair.

Closing Statements

If you need any more features or functions to add to it you can equip your wheelchair with the necessary accessories. With a wide range of accessories available, you can customize the wheelchair to make it more functional for you. There is no limit to your imagination. It is all up to you how you want the wheelchair to be. If you like it simple, get it as it is. If you want to make it an extension of your personality, add some accessories, which you feel are necessary for you. 

And enjoy a comfortable ride!

Lastly, if you need any assistance in buying one of our portable electric powerchairs, or adding an accessory to it, get in touch with our team, we are always happy to help!

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